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Our Healthcare Facility is known for its Effective, Patient-centered, Timely and Efficient service throughout Louisiana ,parts of  Texas and Mississippi area. With a wide range of services, there’s a great chance for professionals to join our team. If you believe you have what it takes, Submit your resume for general consideration or browse our list of openings below.

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  • How much for Mobile Phlebotomy services?
    **Mobile Phlebotomy Pricing Prices for our mobile phlebotomy services vary for individuals and businesses. For personalized rates, contact us at 337.595.5116 As part of our commitment to offering convenient healthcare options, we offer mobile phlebotomy services for patients who are homebound within a 30-mile radius of our location. We understand that some of our patients may have different insurance coverage, and we have structured our charges accordingly: 1. **Patients with Medicare or Medicaid** who are homebound within a 30-mile radius (roundtrip) will be charged **$35** for our mobile phlebotomy service. 2. **Patients with all other insurance plans** who are homebound within a 30-mile radius (roundtrip) will be charged **$55** for our mobile phlebotomy service. 3. For patients who reside **outside the 30-mile radius** , there will be a charge of **$75** for our mobile phlebotomy service. Please note that any additional miles beyond the initial 30-mile radius will incur an additional fee. The mileage charge for each additional mile will be **$5 per 10 miles**.
  • What are your hours of operations?
    .Hours are by appointment only
  • My doctor gave me a container to collect stool and/or urine, can CLINICAL STICKS Deliver it to the lab for me?
    Yes, we provide specimen pick-ups, you must have everything labeled and doctors order on arrival. Service fee is the same.
  • What specimens can you collect?
    Blood, urine and saliva.
  • Why should I use CLINICAL STICKS Phlebotomy Services?
    Our service has many benefits because you never have to leave home or work, no waiting rooms or traffic, stay in your pajamas and house shoes, no burning of gas or transporting, results are received in same time frame as local labs, relief for caregivers, no public transportation needed and your health can be monitored without any excuses.
  • What is the turn-around time for my results?
  • Who can use the Phlebotomy Service?
    Our convenient service is available to anyone even children no matter if you have a health condition or not.
  • I am a hard stick, do you have an experienced Phlebotomist?
    Yes, our Phlebotomists are trained to handle difficult draws, we also carry butterfly needles to ensure a successful and painless collection.
  • Who is Eligible for services?
    Our mobile services were designed with homebound, disabled and limited mobility patients in mind. However, many people with busy schedules have also enjoyed the convenience of our on-location services. For further convenience, we offer contract options to insurance companies, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, researchers, corporations, labs, clinical studies, universities, doctor office draws, small businesses, laboratory collection services and government entities. Our nationwide Mobile Phlebotomy Services are also available to individuals without insurance, those who want to self-test or for companies that ship blood draw kits to their clients. Contact us for more details.
  • How much are onsite drug testing services?
    On-site Pricing Prices for our On-site Drug Testing vary for individuals and businesses. For personalized rates, contact us at 337.595.5116 Pricing listed online are for individuals
  • How long will it take for me to get an appointment?
    We schedule you within 24 to 72 hours
  • How can I book a service?
    By clicking the book online button or by calling 337.595.5116
  • When is payment due?
    CLINICAL STICKS requires payment at least 24 hours before scheduled service. Payments are made through Square invoice.
  • I have a standing orders, can CLINICAL STICKS do these
    Yes. We can do all your standing orders. We will keep your standing order on file for future collections and have a customized collection schedule for you.
  • Do I need a doctors order to have my specimens collected?
    Yes. If you want the testing to be covered by your insurance carrier. We need the doctor’s order upon arrival or your doctor can fax us the order. We can not collect specimens without an order.
  • How long do the collection process take?
    The entire process should take no more than 15 minutes.
  • Where can I have my specimens collected?
    We come to your home, workplace, nursing/assisted living facility, hospital bedside.
  • Does Clinical Sticks accept healthcare insurance for services?
    Only for lab order request accompanied by drs order.
  • Where are specimens taken after collection?
    Specimens are immediately delivered to laboratory
  • For routine labs with a doctors order: What info will you need from me?
    When we fill out the lab slip we need your first, MI and last name, address, phone number, copy of your insurance card or insurance info, doctor’s name, address, phone and fax number, (doctor info may already be on doctor’s order).
  • Requirements
    Knowledge and skills necessary to collect blood samples from patients. MUST BE ABLE TO PURCHASE NECESSARY SUPPLIES TO COLLECT BLOOD SAMPLES Ensuring the proper use of prescribed biohazard PPE. Following test kit instructions and taking samples as prescribed. Preventing contamination by applying standard specimen collection techniques. Preserving sample integrity by regulating optimal storage conditions. Knowledge of sample preservation protocols. Ability to accurately label blood samples. Cleaning puncture sites and covering them with gauze. Proven experience drawing blood samples. Detail-oriented. Effective communication skills-Excellent verbal and written communication skills Maintaining accurate patient records, which includes detailing any medical issues experienced by patients during venipuncture procedures that may affect the accuracy of test results. Traveling to specified locations to draw blood samples as required. MUST BE COMPUTER /INTERNET SAVVY Ability to work independently, in a safe and appropriate manner in accordance with safety and organizational policies and procedures Ability to show proof of professional credentialing Possess a professional demeanor and appearance MUST HAVE RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION Ability to pass a background check and Drug Screening Valid drivers license MUST BE ABLE TO OBTAIN PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE At least 3 yrs. phlebotomy experience
  • Credentials
    National Certification through one of the following: the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), National Health career Association, or American Medical Technologists (AMT). Required for phlebotomy technicians practicing in Louisiana ,Nevada, Washington, And California: MUST BE CERITIFED ON A STATE LEVEL CPR CERTIFICATION
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