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Clinical Sticks are partnered with several reference labs that offer a wide range of services to help diagnose and treat allergic and immunologic conditions. Our technicians are trained in performing and interpreting environmental allergy testing, food allergy testing, and testing of the immune system.

Laboratory testing of allergens

Did You Know?

Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is a class of antibodies produced by the immune system. It plays a significant role in allergies.

The blood of the patient is analyzed for levels of IgE specific to the allergen in question. For example, if you are allergic to peanuts then your blood could be measured for presence of IgE specific to peanut. Presence of IgE specific to peanut would indicate you are allergic to peanuts.



Bacteriology testing includes aerobic and anaerobic culture of swabs, fluid, and tissue. Identification of the isolated species is carried out as far as possible. Sensitivity testing is performed on pure isolates. Sensitivity is not run on mixed growths unless a significant species or potential pathogens are present. For blood cultures, please contact us for special culture bottles.
Bacteriology and Microbiology testing also includes Mycology, the analysis of diseases resulting from infections with molds and yeasts.  Mycology services are limited to morphological identifications of routine cultures, and to molecular identifications in the evaluation of urogenital infections.


Clinical chemistry is concerned with analysis of bodily fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes utilizing tests for various components of blood and urine.There are many blood tests and clinical urine tests available that enable extensive diagnostic capabilities.


We offer the full spectrum of routine and advanced Endocrinology testing.


Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing and Molecular Genetic Testing is performed for the diagnosis of a genetic disease or its carrier state, risk assessment for drug metabolism, disease susceptibility, hemostasis, and disease risk and lifestyle assessments, in addition to screening tests intended broadly for asymptomatic individuals not yet presenting with disease. At Clinical Sticks , testing may be performed on either blood or sputum for the evaluation of certain thrombotic disorders, and in the evaluation of genetic factors affecting drug metabolism.


Hematology Testing / Diagnostic Blood Tests

Hematology tests include routine hematology procedures, fluid cell counts, routine coagulation and urinalysis testing, special hematology testing, special stains, and Immunophenotyping.

Toxicology Testing

Clinical Sticks collects urine samples for drugs-of-abuse and alcohol testing. Urine drug screens also include adulteration and over-the-counter medication detection (if requested). Each specimen collected is secure and protected. Our partnered lab follows SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) guidelines for cutoff levels.


Cancer Screening / Tumor Marker Testing

Tumor marker testing provides vital information about the cancer at the cellular level. Together with physical characteristics, such as size, type and stage of the tumor, marker testing can help determine the appropriate medicine and timing of treatment needed to treat the disease most effectively.

Tumor markers are substances found in the blood, body fluids, or tissues that are produced by cancer cells. If a certain tumor marker is found in the body, it can indicate that the cancer is still present and ongoing treatment may still be recommended.

Specifically, we can use this test (in conjunction with other tests) to monitor the success of a current therapy, evaluate the need for surgical intervention, or assess the development of recurrence.

Tumor markers are characteristics of cancer cells that can provide information to help treat different types of cancer. A variety of tests to identify breast cancer tumor markers can be performed.

Clinical Sticks is partnered with  serveral labs that can use tumor markers to detect the presence of certain types of cancer in the body, and monitor the progress of cancer treatment.


Call for pricing on routine blood tests


Mobile services will be charged a travel fee along with test cost. Insurance accepted for Routine labs accompanied by Doctor's order.


Early Gender Reveal Test


5 Panel Rapid Drug Screen


Rapid Antigen Covid test-Swab


NIPT-Prenatal Paternity


Rapid Cup Confirmation-send off (positives only)


DNA Paternity- Informational


non-DOT urine drug test


DNA Paternity- Legal Use


PETH Blood Alcohol