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Do I need a doctors order to have my specimen collected?

Yes. If you want the testing to be covered by your insurance carrier. We need the doctor's order upon arrival, or your doctor can fax or email us the order. We can not collect specimen without an order.

What specimens can you collect?

Blood, Urine and Saliva

I am a hard stick, do you have an experienced Phlebotomist?

Yes, Our Phlebotomist are trained to handle difficult draws, we also carry buttefly needles to ensure a successful and painless collection.

Do you provide corporate drug screens?

Yes. To request a drug screen for your employees fill out a request form .

How long will it take for me to get an appointment?

We schedule you within 24 to 72 hours

I don’t have my insurance card with me, can I still receive treatment?

You must have a physical card  or copy of card on hand at time of service. 

Where can I have my specimen collected?

We come to your home, workplace, nursing/assisted living facility, hospital bedside.
Self-pay lab testing-w/o insurance has the option of being collected at home or at a local patient service center.

When is payment due?

Clinical Sticks requires payment at least 24 hours before scheduled service. Payment are made through Square invoice.

Does Clinical Sticks accept insurance?

Yes, When using our lab partner for lab work with a doctor’s order. All other outside labs i.e. Quest Diagnostics, Lab Corp can be collected and will require a minimum draw fee of $25.

Is my privacy protected?

We take our customers’ privacy very seriously: both for your case, lab work results and your DNA data

  • We will not release any information about your case/lab test to anyone without your authorization.

  • We will always follow any special instructions you give us for communicating with you or other parties involved in your test.

  • We never release test results over the phone.

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